Sunday 16 December 2018

Alternative Media Under Attack and a History of Donald Trumps ties to Russia

Alternative Media Under Attack and a History of Donald Trumps ties to Russia

By Dark Politricks with videos from Blackstone Intelligence Network

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Jake from Blackstone Intelligence is an independent investigative reporter who is not owned by mainstream sources and is constantly under attack as he exposes crimes from both sides of the Political spectrum, both looking into Trump and Clinton.

He also focuses on Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and Americans and this has led to calls for him to be de-platformed by YouTube.

Expect this and many other videos from sites like mine to be taken down soon, replaced with a black box and a cross showing YouTube has removed it.

Many sites are under attack due to spam BOTS automatically posting comments and thumbs downs, people on Reddit just telling readers which videos on YouTube to complain about, with example template forms to complete. Even the Israeli government is paying students to comment on sites that criticise Israel as being anti-Semitic, despite the content being accurate and no racism involved.

There are also claims of sites or popular figures being linked falsely to far / alt-right or far left organisations and there is a concerted attack by the establishment on the new alternative media created by a generation of people who don't watch TV but watch YouTube and other channels for their news and entertainment. 

This obviously poses a big threat against the mainstream media who are losing viewers by the millions as the older generation die off and the younger, even middle aged generation switch to alternative media sources.

Now that YouTube and Google are part of the "establishment", taking money from the government and awards from the ADL as well as helping the NSA/CIA with their own spying  and algorithms. You can see how they view this new media content as a threat to the status quo.

Even if a video has thousands of likes, even hundreds of thousands or millions, and deserves to be at the top of the YouTube search list, their system pushes these independent videos down, and instead promotes mainstream news shows despite their low views counts.

Their algorithm should really ONLY be based around the number of likes and views it has and the relationship to it's topic.

Putting a video such as the those below, lower down their results pages so that people don't get to view it is just sucking up to the new Silicon Valley-MIC-Intel nexus that is trying to stop alternative news and people viewing anti-establishment topics.

Support people like Jake and myself by making donations please. Sites have been removed constantly. #Altnews is under attack.

If we don't support the new media then the establishment will get it's way and companies like CNN/MSNBC/FOX/BBC will be the only source of government controlled news available.

Below are the two videos from Blackstone Intelligence on Donald Trumps ties to Russia without the mainstream spin. From #Watergate to #Russiagate, Jake takes us on a historical tour of investigations into US Presidents and looks at Donald Trump's real ties to Russia.

Most media outlets present personal, anti-Trump bias as if those opinions were facts. In this series, Blackstone Intelligence presents highly-sourced information related to the #RussiaGate scandal.

He looks at comparisons between Richard Nixon and Trump. Nixon enjoyed strong support from his base during Watergate but by the end of the special prosecutor's investigation, Nixon's support had vanished. Will Trumps base also desert him?

In the first video, Jake discusses the parallels between the Watergate and #RussiaGate investigations and in the second he discusses his ties to the Russian mafia.

If you want to understand the facts without all the media spin, then this series is for you.

Part 1 - Trumps ties to Russia from Watergate to #Russiagate

Part 2 - The Russian Mafia

Part 3 - Mafia Money Laundering

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