Thursday 13 December 2018

Trump threatens a revolution if Congress tries to impeach him

Trump threatens a revolution if Congress tries to impeach him

By Dark Politricks

After the jailing of Donald Trump's lawyer for basically paying off women the President had slept with the first of the Trump team to take a cell mattress instead of a bed for their leader has occurred.

The President hit back however with a Tweet that implied that their would be a revolution if he was ever impeached.

The question many people are asking due to Trump's fondness for dictators and strongmen leaders of countries that chop people's heads off and kill journalists just because it's "business" is, will Trump step down when his time is up or is impeached?

To get round Trump pardoning himself for federal crimes some of his business activities and meetings are being held in New York which would mean the state would have the power to put him on the stand and even jail him. I guess it would then be up to whoever wins the next election to pardon him then. Just imagine if Hillary Clinton ran in 2020 and got elected with Trump in jail!

To many people believe Trump is ruining their countries standing in the world and driving us towards WW3 with Russia.

This is what makes Democrats and their MIC contributors and mouth pieces on MSM TV go on about Russiagate when they should be investigating the Podesta emails and the Clinton foundation, especially the Uranium 1 sale to Russia.

How can Trump be in Putin's pocket as they say when he has imposed sanctions on them, expelled spies, threatened them in regards to Syria not to attack their last CIA backed Jihadist stronghold and is placing missiles in counties all around Russia's border.

If anything it seems Trump is pushing towards an aggressive and maybe pre-emptive war with the Russians rather than working for them.

How some people on the left cannot see this dichotomy is any one's guess.

A pro-Russian President who is trying to start a war with them?

Anyway this video from TruNews looks at the details of the recent trials and tribulations in the White House.

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