Friday 21 December 2018

What level of tyranny will it take for Americans to use the 2nd Amendment as intended?

What level of tyranny will it take for Americans to use the 2nd Amendment as intended?

By Dark Politricks

After all the furor of the last few weeks and the Sandy Hook shootings and the media debate afterwards what I want to know is what level of tyranny do Americans feel is enough to break the barrier and make their cherished 2nd Amendment useful.

As we are constantly told the 2nd Amendment is not so Americans can go hunting ducks with M16's or use their AK47's for shooting tin cans off the garden wall - no it's for preventing an over reaching, tyrannical government from taking control of their country.

As Thomas Jefferson said in 1803:

"None but an armed nation can dispense with a standing army. To keep ours armed and disciplined is therefore at all times important."

There are many levels to this debate and you can go on many tacks including:

1. American citizens have voted for the Congressmen and President that has then taken away their civil liberties. Therefore in a democracy the majority have spoken and it is their own fault for participating in their own loss of liberty and freedom.

2. Obama is in no way like Hitler, Mao or Stalin. They just declared their laws and the deed was done. They didn't have to battle for years in the Congress and Senate to get a health-care plan watered down and then passed after multiple compromises with political opponents. If Obama was truly a dictator he would have just clicked his fingers and used one of the "signing statements" to make "it so", so to speak. A dictator doesn't give in to an elected body he just says what he wants and it gets done.

3. For personal reasons I wouldn't like to live in a country full of guns. For one I would probably be dead, in a wheelchair or in prison by now after my teenage tearaway years. The other is that I know in the UK, although more violent than the USA (as a recent study showed) at least when we fall out of the bars drunk we fight with our fists and not guns. With our love of alcohol and a plentiful supply of guns we would see every town high street full of dead bodies every weekend, and that's not even thinking about our dodgy police who I have personally seen battering people for no good reason.

4. America has the most sophisticated and well equipped armed forces in the world. Despite the wishes of the founding fathers that there would be no standing army during peace time it seems the USA has got round this by engaging in a period of permanent war. The armed forces have replaced the militias and does any American think their handgun or automatic would take down an Apache helicopter if they turned on the citizens? What level of weapon should a citizen have anyway? Where does it say they can only have certain types of guns and not RPG's or even anti-aircraft weapons? Where is the line drawn?

However ignore all that and just think that YOU ARE ALREADY LIVING UNDER TYRANNY!

Therefore why crow on about the real reason of the 2nd Amendment when you have done NOTHING to stop the rise of tyranny over the last 18 years.

Ever since 9.11 you have:

Been living under Emergency laws that give the President dictatorial like powers.

Seen the removal of Habeas corpus and the introduction of death without judicial oversight on the Presidents say so.

Witnessed laws passed such as the NDAA that allow the President to assassinate or lock up indefinitely US citizens who he believes pose a threat to the country. As the released MIAC documents showed this includes PATRIOTS, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, ex-military and people who believe in the primary law of the USA - the constitution. They are all now to be treated as domestic terrorists!

A surveillance state in which you are monitored on and offline all day long. From your car to your home phone, mobile, shopping purchases to all your computer activities, and all without the need for warrant or due process. Numerous systems from TRAPWIRE to the TSA's naked body scanners, CCTV and now mobile radar vans all capturing your journey from home to work and back. All your Internet traffic has been monitored for ages and now your naked body is monitored as well. All this info is now stored and recorded in real time and then logged in huge city sized databases.

The rise of a two tier state between the super rich and everyone else. A country in which if you hang out with the President you can breach privacy laws, hack computers and never face the threat of imprisonment. But, if you are like Aaron Swartz, and don't have the luxury of a huge drug dealing, terrorist bankster operation behind you like HSBC or you don't own Facebook or Google (both companies who have committed similar hacks and many breaches of privacy) - BUT most importantly have ties with the CIA and NSA, plus their owners get to hang out with the President and other big wigs at Davos and Bilderberg. Then you are looking at 50+ years in prison as Aaron was.

It is now provable that if you are too big to fail you are also too big to prosecute. If you are tool cool to bend over to the state security apparatus as Google, Microsoft and other big Internet companies have all done you are okay, but if you don't like Aaron then you are just a target to be taken down in anyway possible.

Permanent war. Even once bin-Laden has been killed you are still content on wasting trillions of borrowed and made up money to fight a people who have never been beaten and in which 92% of these people don't even know about 9.11 or have even heard of the Twin Towers. 

They just see you as another invader following on from the Soviets and the British Empire and the dozens of other beaten armies that also failed before them. You won't win in the Stan. I would bet a house on it!

Therefore if you don't think that a few of these facts, out of many others I could have listed, on their own reach the bar of tyranny that you are so fond of protecting then what level does the bar have to be raised for you to use to the 2nd Amendment as you see it designed?

Either stop voting for scoundrels and liars OR take people like Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Dennis Kucinich, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and many other politicians seriously.

These are just a few people from all ends of the political spectrum who believe the US has already entered this realm of tyranny in which the CIA/NSA, banksters and warmongers have already won over the common person and that serious reform is needed to roll back this Amerikan police state.

Either there is no level it can be raised to and you will accept all forms of tyranny and you just need to admit that you really really like your guns and just shooting shit.

OR you honestly believe in the 2nd Amendment.

If it's the latter then I really want to know - what will it take for you to do something?

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