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Israels Hasbara Brigades Attack Any YouTube channel that dares to tell the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel

Israels Hasbara Brigades Attack Any YouTube channel that dares to tell the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel

By Dark Politricks

Know More News

Adam Green runs the Know More News YouTube channel, a channel which looks at the Israeli occupation of Palestine and their disgusting Rabbinic laws within the Talmud, as well detailing his recent visit to the country with Jake from Blackstone Intelligence.

He has also been instrumental in ousting Alex Jones as a paid and bought acting shill for the Israelis, never mentioning the word Jew and always replacing it with terms such as "New World Order Globalist", or even claiming that China not Israel is now controlling the USA. Alex seems to have forgotten that the pro-Israeli lobby, AIPAC controls the US government at all it's levels.

AIPAC even sends letters to prospective Congressmen and ladies asking that if elected and for their support in getting elected that they will always vote in Israel's favour once in power.

If they refuse they soon find out, as Cynthia McKenny did, that donations dry up and speaking arrangements are suddenly shut at the last-minute with claims of being anti-Semitic banded about despite no proof of her being so. She even admits that at the time of this attack by the Jewish lobby she didn't even know what a Zionist was. She does now.

That doesn't seem to matter though. For some reason the suffering and discrimination against Jews seems to register in the public's consciousness much higher than the suffering and massacres of other people such as the Armenian or Rwandan Genocides when compared to the Holocaust.

The supposed "6 million" figure, of dead Jews killed in the Holocaust still stands as a rock, with many European countries jailing people who dare doubt this "fact". This is despite the number of "death camps" initially claimed at the end of the war dwindling down to a solitary camp after claims of others were found to be false.

So it came to be that Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was destroyed by the Soviets and rebuild after the war, remained as the single death camp from WWII.

However this death camp has even revised it's own total of persons killed over the years down to less than 700,000 from a massive 4 million. Not that many people actually know this but you can check their own revised figures if you want to.

At the last count in 2002 by historian Fritjof Meyer, 550,000 people were killed at the camp, 356,000 being Jews who were gassed.

revised figures of gassed Jews
Revised Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp kill counts over the years

The place where Auschwitz-Birkenau once stood is now a place where the chimneys of the rebuilt camp are not even placed properly above the furnaces. Where there is no trace of Zyklon B, the supposed chemical used to kill all these people found in the "death chamber", but instead found logically only within the de-lousing room. This was where it was used to destroy the killer bugs carrying the infectious and deadly typhus disease which ended up killing many enslaved workers.

The Jewish investigator, David Cole, who visited the camp and pointed out these glaring mistakes was vilified by the Zionist and Jewish lobbies and labelled a "self-hating" Jew for daring point out these inconsistencies yet his documentary is well worth a watch especially if you believe in the 6 million figure death total.

The deaths were claimed to have been carried out by Germans dropping pellets of the poison through hatches in the roof of fake showers, and then bodies dragged out by Jewish inmates to be burnt in the tiny number of ovens that are on show. When people started mentioning that the math didn't work out they claimed 2 bodies were stacked on top of each other per oven.

However despite this, the equation of...

(years that the deaths were supposedly carried out) X ((people killed per execution + time for the Zyclon B to clear the room) X (time to burn each person to ashes))

...still does not add up to allow for 6, 4 or even 2 million people to be slaughtered and burned in such a short time in so few ovens.

Search Google or (preferably), if you don't believe me, but here is link to a modern-day Crematorium that says:
On an average, it takes about one to three hours to cremate a human body, thereby reducing it to 3-7 pounds of remains. The cremation remains are usually pasty white in color.

Therefore if a modern cremation takes so long to destroy one human body, how long would 6 or 4 million bodies take to burn in so few ovens?

Add to this the shocking photos of dead inmates due to typhus infection or starvation stacked on top of each other. Mainly caused due to the Allied bombing of the German supply lines and you get a lot of people not using their brains properly.

Why in the dying days of the war when Germans and Nazis were either escaping to South America or making plans to join either the USA (Operation Paperclip), or the Soviets, did they worry about spending the rare fuel that they had on the Eastern front on burning bodies rather than fueling tanks and trucks to continue the fight is anyone's guess.

Even the evil Jospeh Mengele who committed unspeakable crimes in these camps managed to escape the justice of the allies, and despite the USSR claiming to have part of Hitlers skull, a recent test proved that this was NOT his remains. He probably spent the rest of his days in Argentina where FBI chief J Edgar Hoover kept records of his suspected movements for decades afterwards.

It seems without any written proof from the notoriously pedantic NAZI's, who recorded everything except the plan to exterminate the Jews or any videos or photo's of their gas chambers in action, that we are only left with the Israeli Zionists view on the matter, and dare not claim otherwise or their agents will label you anti-Semitic.

So despite Israel, Poland and Soviet Russia inflating the death count to 6 million, and this special number being bandied about before WWII in newspapers around the world, we are expected to believe forever that 6 million Jews died in this death camp. You can even be jailed for doubting this holy figure in many European countries.

Here are some examples of "6 million Jews to die" newspaper articles printed before WWII, one from 1919 and another from 1938. A Google Image search will reveal many more.

Newspaper showing 6 million Jews to die

6 million Jews to die

This number must be special to the Zionists and Jews otherwise how did they know or claim for 6 million to be dead at the end of the war, during which millions of Russians were already dead from starvation.

We don't even mention the 45 million people killed during Mao's great leap forward, which was funded by the west, as was the Communist take over of Russia which killed at least 20+ million. It is only the "Jewish Holocaust', that matters, a word which sickly means "Burnt Offering" in their language.

Was this some kind of "offering" to the Germans by the Rothschild Zionists to obtain Israel, cashing in on their Balfour Agreement made with the British during WWI?

An agreement made by the Rothschild Zionists to get the USA into the war on the UK's side despite a gesture by Germany, who was winning at the time in 1917, to just call it off, no winners or losers.

They even were willing to let the Brits keep their Empire. It was a "let's call this stupid war off" offer, and one that the British were considering until the Zionists came along with their bargain to bring the US into Europe on their side.

That is the power of the Zionists, to turn a largely pro-German WWI American public into a country willing to allow their own sons to die helping the British beat Germany and all despite President Woodrow Wilson's election promise to keep them out of European entanglements.

This was a bargain that Hitler never forgave the German Jews for. All the Zionists wanted in return was a "receipt'"or "Promise" that after the war, in-which Britain was going to obtain most of the German allied Ottoman Empire they would be allowed to migrate to Palestine i.e the Balfour Agreement.

"A land with no name and no people" they called it, despite the obvious millions of people living there. As for no name, it was part of the Ottoman Empire so you only had to look a few hundred years back to find the word Palestine. You can read or listen to this speech from a Zionist Jew converted to Christianity who explains their plan to get Americans fighting Israels wars in detail here.

Anyway this isn't a history talk about Germany and the Jews, It's a talk about the Silicon Valley - MIC - AIPAC -US/Israeli governments crackdown on any YouTube channel, Facebook Page or Google+ community that they decide constitutes "hate speech".

No matter that the things talked about maybe true such as the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty to try to kill everyone on board, sink the ship, then blame it on Egypt so that the USA would nuke them.

Or the Lavon Affair where Mossad used patsies to plant bombs in US and UK buildings in Egypt to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, again killing their supposed allies in false flag attacks to get them drawn into wars.

Just read some of the top articles linked on the front page for more info, including testimony from ex Mossad officers on how they tricked the US into bombing Libya in the 1980's during Operation Trojan. An event in which Israeli agents planted a radio beacon on the beaches of their enemy and relayed fake messages knowing they would be picked up by US listening ships in the Mediterranean.

They sent fake messages that made out that the 1986 bombing of a disco in Germany which killed US servicemen, was in fact a Libyan plot. US listening ships intercepted these fake messages and believed them. This lead to the bombing of Libya and the possible retaliation PAN AM 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland.

So how is that no criticism of Israel is ever heard on US TV?

Even after the recent fighter jet bombing of three Gazan children who were only catching birds to eat, due to the Israeli blockade of their open air prison?

It is due to American Mainstream Media bias towards Israel, their powerful lobbies in Government, mass ownership of Internet and Media companies and the labeling of anyone who criticises Israel (as opposed to Jews) as anti-Semitic.

Adam Green is now the most recent victim of this Silicon Nexus - APIAC/JDL - Israeli thought police.

A group who have Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg in their pocket. His company deletes accounts that criticize Israel whilst leaving Israeli ones up that attack Iran, with no proof whatsoever. Add to that Google who are now working hand in hand with the CIA and NSA on their own algorithms to search your networks, phones and computers without warrants, who do the same by relegating anti-Israeli sites or articles in their search results.

This is the age of an all seeing eye and it seems to have Israeli controllers. Dare to cross it at your peril.

All Adam does on his YouTube channel is use Jewish/US mainstream media against itself and show the despicable words that some Jewish people actually believe from their holy book, more holy than the Torah to most of them, the Talmud.

It is one of the reasons Jewish people have been kicked out of nearly every European country over the centuries. The book is full of slander towards Jesus, Rabbis saying that's it OK to have intercourse with girls as young as 3 (It's as if someone poked them in the eye etc), and how in court it's okay for a Jew to lie, rob and steal from a non Jew. Adam has created the #GDL or Goyim Defense League in response.

The Talmud is is the Jewish "Holy Book", and is used due to them not having a 3rd temple to slaughter innocent animals to their God.

When it comes to Jewish people we are totally hypocritical.

We stand up against Female circumcision across Africa as barbaric but allow Jews to carry it out on boys before they are old enough to consent. They claim this, and the kissing of the boys penis by the Rabbi afterwards, is for health reasons, but what about the lack of consent and sexual pleasure they lose, just like women who have been circumcised.

Rabbi kissing penis

Rabbi kissing boys newly circumcised penis

Therefore Adam is just reporting on the Jewish world, the words that come from their own papers that we don't hear about such as Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post. He posts the unheard of statements made in the Knesset by far right Likud ministers who call for the death of all Palestinian babies labeling them vile snakes and worse.

I guess you have all read recently about the IDF snipers being awarded medals for murdering women and kids within Palestinian territory as they protested the decades of occupation near the border - you didn't? Well shows like Blackstone Intelligence and Know More News will tell you about this.

This news, along with the boys destroyed by a fighter plane missile is NOT reported on the MSM so people who love all races have to switch to #altnews channels like this to see what the Jewish people really think about us and the world from their own mouths.

For a Hasbara brigade to descend on Know More News purely for showing the world what Jewish people really think of Americans and others, attack his family, his livelihood and try to use Jewish owned tech companies in bed with the Israeli and US governments to stop free speech is disgusting, especially whilst white hate and black racist videos still exist.

It is an attack on us all.

If you don't know about the Israeli attempt to sink a whole US Navy ship, the USS Liberty in 67 or the Lavon Affair, then look at the more recent detention of over 60 Israelis who were arrested after 9.11, including the "Dancing Israelis" who celebrated as the first plane hit the Twin Towers.

Most of these people failed multiple polygraph tests after they were seen flicking lighters and laughing at the attack on the WTC before anyone supposedly knew it was going to happen. Despite this, these Mossad connected Israeli's had cameras all set up in the perfect position to record it all from across the river.

After their release on "Visa Violations", helped along by dual Israeli Nationals in the Bush government, they went on Israeli TV saying we were just sent to "document the event", an event no-one apart from those involved could know would happen.

This is on top of the van painted with a plane sticking out of the WTC and full of explosives and box cutters driven by Israeli's that was pulled over by NYC police on the Washington Bridge late on 9.11 and reported widely on US news that night.

Funnily enough the US mainstream media forgot about these events as the days went on and these events evaporated from most of the public's consciousness a couple days after once the official "conspiracy theory" was in.

AIPAC & the JDL even pressured FOX to remove Carl Cameron's 4 part piece on Mossad spying as art students, and following the 9.11 hijackers around the country, in-case it biased readers.

This is just an attack on citizen journalists who don't hate Jews but report on Israeli crimes that the mainstream media ignore time and again.

This is either due to Jewish ownership of TV and Radio stations or the fear that if they discuss the subject they too will be labelled anti-Semitic and sacked.

Free Speech in America.....I don't think so. I will wait for the Hasbara brigades to roll in soon.

Help Know More News out and write to YouTube telling them of their mistakes if possible!

Know More News can be found here (for now) on YouTube.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 By Dark Politricks

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