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Sunday, 15 August 2021

Can we just leave Afghanistan alone for a hundred years at least now?

The Taliban Retake Afghanistan in 4 days after the US military pack up and leave.

By Dark Politricks

I guess the Taliban are now the worlds best equipped army with American weapons apart from the US, considering the American army just left Bagram Airbase full of stock, leaving everything behind as they left, forgetting to tell the Afghan army they had trained, that they were leaving.

Then within days, the Taliban moved on the base and took over billions of dollars worth of weapons, guns, rocket launchers, helicopters and Humvee's as the Afghan army forgot they were supposed to be fighting them and instead handed everything over and decided to join them on their march to Kabul.

I think the US really needs to plan their exit strategy better next time so they don't end up making a rag tag army of locals into a well equipped modern army that could take most countries on.

Do any of the Taliban know how to fly a helicopter though?

I suppose it doesn't matter, the Afghan Army, who the US paid billions of tax payers $$ to train, will show them how to.

Biden said recently that Kabul would not fall because the Afghan army was 300,000 strong, and the best trained and equipped as any in the world.

Shame nearly all of them just laid down their weapons to the oncoming Taliban and joined them.


Can you imagine if the Taliban decided they were really pissed at getting invaded all the time Russia->War Lords->US/UK/NATO and going all the way back to Alexander the Great and they went on the offensive with all their free US military hardware?

From their point of view, an invader is another invader, they have had lots over the years. Everyone just wants to bomb their weddings and blow up their homes and piss on their Korans and cause outrage around the world.

It is sad that the women will be forced back into cloth bags and 12yr old girls will be married off though.

Lets just hope they don't start blowing up more Buddhist statues and shooting people in football stadiums as they used to just before the US invaded them after 9.11, chasing shadows, and a man who was probably already dead if truly on kidney dialysis as was claimed.

In 2002 Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin Laden had kidney disease and had two dialysis systems shipped to Afghanistan when he lived there.

I really don't understand if he was on dialysis how he managed to traverse the mountains of Afghanistan holding a drip behind him. Who knows, maybe like Saddam Hussein he could have had many doppelgangers. The photos the US showed just before every election with new speeches from bin-Laden as his hair got darker and his nose got fatter sure do seem to tell that story.

Of course all the propaganda pushed by the CIA, of bin-Laden liking porn videos and having a micro penis, were all designed to inflame the Muslim population and make him a laughing stock back home.

If only those SEAL Team 6 soldiers had turned their cameras on their helmets on when they killed bin-Laden in Pakistan. A man whose neighbour claimed on TV the very next day but never to be heard of again was NOT bin-Laden, if only they could have taken a photo of him BEFORE they shot him.

That was the US excuse for not showing a photo, it was too bloody, but as all the SEAL TEAM 6 had camera's on their helmets they should have been able to take a photo before they killed him for the world to see.

I guess it was just unlucky that all their cameras failed to work at the same time, and then 22 SEALs from the elite ‘Team Six’ unit that killed Osama bin Laden lost their lives to a "lucky shot" by RPG's fired by the Taliban. I doubt it was any kind of message to "shut you mouth" to the rest of SEAL TEAM 6 of course, that would just be conspiracy madness.....

However compare the capture and parading around of Saddam Hussein, and even the videoing of him being hanged that snuck out, to the no pics, killing of a man who was supposedly the evil mastermind behind 9.11. Osama bin-Laden, who was just tossed in the sea despite Saudi Arabia saying they would take his body.

This master of evil behind the war on terror, who Obama said had to be killed before the war would end however was not the finishing point of the pointless war. Once he was killed, did the war end. No it just moved around the globe from coups in South America and Eastern Europe, to invading Syria and bombing Iranian diplomats at Iraqi airports.

However there were reports in Saudi papers of bin-Ladens funeral in 2001, and that his son visited his grave, also Benazir Bhutto claimed on an interview that "everyone knew" bin-Laden had been dead for years - so what were the US doing in the Stan apart from protecting poppy fields and importing them back on planes just like Vietnam.

I really want to know though if he was in the Stan, how he was able to outrun the NATO forces time and time again carrying his dialysis machine behind him - oh yeah - he had that massive cave fortress, that Dick Cheney showed us in that cartoonish picture. Fitted with hospital rooms, training facilities, bedrooms, gyms, massage parlours, the whole shebang - it was a miracle mountain hide out for any James Bond villain to live in.

I tried to find the comical picture we were shown on TV at the time but it's almost as if it's been wiped off the web. Now who would want to do such a thing?

The nearest I got was this image about how the US troops cleared out bin-Laden's Tora Bora mountain strong hold. Now just imagine this picture without the soldiers and lots of little rooms on 3 levels throughout the mountain, that would be more like the picture we were all shown of his hide out in the mountains.

Did we ever get to see a real life image of this massive hollowed out mountain with secret entrances and hospitals inside? I can't remember seeing anything but dusty old hollowed out tunnels, but then the US politicians such as Cheney and Powell said it existed, just like the WMD in Iraq, so I guess it must be true......

Biden said that this was not like the fall of Saigon, and you would not see helicopters rescuing American diplomats from the roof of their embassies then guess what, lots of video came out showing exactly that.

Invading other people's homeland's on any pretext just isn't right unless that country like NAZI Germany is threatening to go off and take over other countries.

If we actually DID fight for the oppressed and to help the people of the world we would be at war with China now, who are keeping a million ethnic Uighurs and other Turkic-speaking Muslims being held in Xinjiang’s concentration, oh sorry, re-education camps, according to a U.N. report released in August.

But no, war these days is about making money for the lobbyists that fill the halls of Washington, pushing for the invasion of this country or that, just so they can fleece the American tax payer some more by over charging them for weapons and kit.

We may not like the Taliban's 12 century Islamic ideals but we cannot force democracy on a country that does not want it. I think the last 20 years of a failed attempt in Afghanistan proves that point.

All the Taliban asked for was some "proof" that bin-Laden was behind the 9.11 attacks, which he wasn't, even the FBI most wanted list didn't list that crime against his name due to the lack of evidence.

However the US were too gung ho to offer another country some proof that their guest had committed the attacks when apparently after 190+ water boarding's we find out it was all KLM's idea anyway. That is of course if you don't want to really look into 9.11 and see all the Israeli and Saudi involvement in the attacks.

I think the USA should give the constant war against a word, "terror", a miss for a while.

Americans and Brits have lost liberties and freedoms that Bush claimed the Taliban hated us for, and we just handed them over to the government and said "protect us".

Therefore taking George W Bush's speech at face value, the US basically lost their war on terror as soon as the PATRIOT act was signed.

They have lost in Afghanistan, lost in Iraq, and lost in Vietnam. I guess just having the best fighting toys in the world doesn't mean a toss if you're fighting a guerrilla war against a people who one minute sit down and drink tea with you then the next are shooting at you.

All the locals see is another invading army wanting to change their customs and kill them.

From Wikipedia that 100% fact checked and totally honest log of history comes a list of invaders of Afghanistan over the years....

Afghanistan is a mountainous landlocked country at the crossroads of Central and South (Southern) Asia.[1][2] Some of the invaders in the history of Afghanistan include the Maurya Empire, the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great of Macedon, Rashidun Caliphate, the Mongol Empire led by Genghis Khan, the Timurid Empire of Timur, the Mughal Empire, various Persian Empires, the Sikh Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and most recently a coalition force of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops, the majority from the United States, which entered the country in the first-ever invocation of NATO's Article 5 "an attack on one is an attack on all" following the September 11 attacks in the United States.
The country is now entitled the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and has a democratically-elected government. However since American withdrawal, the Taliban has regained 100% of the territory. > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasions_of_Afghanistan
Can we just leave the country alone for a bit, I know it a key area in the Grand Chessboard, and has been used for attacks on India but really, no-one ever manages to keep the country, and they are all eventually defeated.

We can not introduce Western Values by bombing weddings and funerals and firing $500k hellfire missiles into mud huts that had already been struck multiple times by similar weapons.

The only winners in this war were the MIC, who made billions from inflated prices, arming the US military, over-charging them for bombs and guns, boots and kit.

They must be looking at a globe in their Washington offices at the moment just trying to pick out a new enemy in their never ending war OF terror.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Twitter Cancels Me......

Twitter Decides I Am Spreading Misinformation 

By Dark Politricks

Well tonight as I went onto Twitter in BRAVE, I found myself taken to a special page as I started to write a Tweet.

It told me I had been banned for spreading misinformation on the COVID Vaccines.

It then showed the tweet underneath. I would embed it if I could, obviously, and just wish I had taken a screenshot now before it was too late.

The thing is that the Tweet did not even mention vaccines, it talked about a conspiracy maybe being true but about the rich DAVOS 1% of 1% who have made billions from our worldwide lockdowns and was 100% true.

It went roughly something like this.....
"I guess the conspiracy over COVID might be true, if the DAVOS crowd invested in companies developing DNA/RNA vaccines before the outbreak, did a war game exercise of how a SARS type virus would spread and the likely re-action to it, and how did Dr Fauci know to state that there would be a pandemic under Trump's Presidency..."
So not really anything about taking or not taking a medical procedure that countries are forcing people to have and then creating a two tier society of people with COVID passports and those without. People who can enter most shops, bars, cinemas and clubs with the flash of Smart Phone app - or paper if you don't have a smart phone. Then those who have not taken the vaccine either on religious, moral or heath advice.

However my Tweet was not about any of that. 

It was about the fact that a very small group of men and women have profited off our misery during the pandemic, almost as if they knew a virus outbreak was on it's way, I cannot prove that but the fact they were buying up shares in companies doing DNA/RNA vaccines, and investing in companies that they knew would be doing very good business in a locked up society such as Amazon and Microsoft does sound more than a coincidence.

It is also about the fact that they had ample time to prepare for those pandemic due to the "Dark Winter" simulations run earlier in 2019 that were a pre-cursor to the real pandemic which you can read about here: Dark Winter Pandemic Simulations..

Why would billionaires be buying up shares in vaccine companies and why would Dr Fauci when told by President Obama to stop his "gain of function" virus tests go ahead with another company to run them in the WuHan laboratory and state publicly that there would be a pandemic during Trump's Presidency.

So I wasn't telling anyone on Twitter to get a vaccine or not to get one due to conspiracy theories that the vaccine changed your DNA, or was a wrapper for some other type of disease that would later on spread a different virus, more deadlier to those who got vaccinated. 

There are a load of stupid theories going around but what is not fake news, or a made up story is the FACT that the DAVOS members made billions during the pandemic by investing in companies who would see their share price rocket and the question is how did they know to do that at just the right time?

It was only a question about how did they know to invest in companies and make billions from companies that were going to produce the vaccines that the world's populations would be taking.

So as my old @darkpolitricks Twitter account is in suspended status with no more tweets going onto it, I have changed the side bar to use my backup account @darkpoltweeter, which you can follow on Twitter, DM or message me there.

I have also created a new newspaper from that Twitter account which I have put on this site at the top. I don't know what features I will lose in 5 days when my "trial" is up as the paper I had before was based on Tweets, Videos and Stories and didn't really change in the free version.

So there you go. The culling has begun!

How long will I last, who knows......

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

Monday, 2 August 2021

Utopia P2P – A new de-centralised censorship-free and secure decentralized ecosystem

Should we all move to UTOPIA?

By Dark Politricks


I came across this advert on my site, and went into have a look as it seemed interesting, and indeed it is. 

It seems to be offering the ability to communicate with other people without worrying about being tracked, intercepted, or hacked by companies or intelligence agencies.

I watched the video and it looked quite good, giving us all the standard blurb about Companies, Governments, and Intelligence agencies watching your every move on the current Internet using tools like PRISM and XKeyScore with the NSA forcing computer companies to install patches that give them back door access to your devices without you knowing about it.

Everything is stored and analysed, GPS location, preferences on websites, private messages, and other information which is being stored and collected by not just companies like

I do like the last line from the advert, "Freedom is not given it has to be taken..", very true, and we have been handing our freedoms away for protection against the very often manufactured "war on terror". A never ending war, designed to replace the Cold War, and keep the money rolling into the MIC's pockets as governments go to fight around the world.

They are constantly chasing and manufacturing new terrorist threats. Many which are actually made up from CIA or other intelligence agencies backing and training them, with Saudi or Qatari support. 

Or at home in the USA the FBI, used under cover agents and informers to plant ideas inside others heads like the recent attempt to kidnap the Michigan Govenor, Gretchen Whitmer. In fact, the men who were arrested for hatching the plot allege that without coercion from FBI informants, the plot may never have materialized. They arrested 13 men but 12 of them were FBI informants, who played a large role in fomenting the plan, as BuzzFeed News said the informants "had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception.".

Just look at the mess Syria is in, with America basically invading a third of Syria to steal it's oil, and to starve the Syrians by controlling their wheat fields, as well as protecting the last enclaves of jihadists they has trained to other throw Syrian President Assad. 

He went and got the help from Russia and Iran to clear these ISIS / DAESH terrorists out and they were nearly done apart from Idlib. However the Western Axis of War has taken control of that area and is now protecting them from being flushed out of Syria completely.

The US has no right to be there, they have broken international law by just invading a country with no legitimate reason. 

At least Russia and Iran were invited to the country to help the Syrians fight off the western backed rebels ISIS, al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army, plus the many others including al-Qaeda who I thought were supposed to be the USA's mortal enemy after 9.11 yet they are supporting and training them and their "offshoots" in Syria. 

It is yet another despotic attack by the USA on another country who stirred up a small civil unrest making it seem larger than it was, then saying Assad had no legitimacy, using fake gas attacks to blame on him for breaching the USA's "red lines", under Obama. Something that has been totally debunked by the whistle-blowers from the OPCW, and reported but hardly spread by the mainstream media at all.

We all know about the revelations of Edward Snowden and how the NSA have programs like PRISM and XKeyScore that enable them to track someone online or in real time with easy search tools, aided by the help of Google, so that they can use a nice search engine type format to just enter someone's name, email address or phone no to get information on them and then hack into devices that the person owns.

All with the help of a corrupt FISA court that never turns down requests for phone tapping warrants and there you go, that's how Tucker Carlson got caught up in a now admitted NSA spying plot due to him being engaged with some individuals the NSA was watching as his FOX NEWS team tried to use those men to arrange an interview with Russian President Putin.

Watch this advert for the de-centralised encrypted app Utopia, and it seems to offer quite a lot of features including, private encrypted messaging and emails that cannot be intercepted by anyone, not even the NSA

You can even build anonymous websites inside this domain that uses new de-centralised technology to keep everyone secret, as the advert on this page > says "Make your website or streaming service securely and anonymously available inside Utopia by configuring Packet Forwarding for any of your uNS records. By tunnelling data between the user who owns a uNS name and any other network user. This allows websites to be hosted inside Utopia."

You can even transfer money between people, no wonder it is called Utopia, lets just hope it is not a creation of the CIA or NSA, to get everyone on board so they can watch us eh! 

I wouldn't be surprised if it were a way to get people off the dark net which is becoming very unstable due to the number of sites being removed due to law enforcement crackdowns.

Is UTOPIA a replacement for TOR and the ability to create a whole new "de-centralised" Internet, with websites, email, messaging, money transfers?

Apparently the foundation of Utopia’s economy is an internal Cryptocurrency – Crypton. Users can buy, sell, exchange, or even mine coins via special built-in tools. So you can be making money just by using it.

What do you think?

I am downloading it now and taking it for a spin!


By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

Thursday, 29 July 2021

The UK Is Turning Into A Police State

UK Government Using COVID as Cover To Create Police State

By Dark Politricks

The UK is turning into a Police State before our eyes, that is, if you are watching and listening to the right news and not consumed by talk about COVID.

It's as if the Tory government is letting the dilly dallying over COVID rules lockdowns and passports consume everyone's thoughts, all whilst they implement some of the most draconian laws we have ever seen.

The COVID law that allows the Police to enter your home without a warrant if they suspect someone with the virus is inside plus preventing people sue the NHS for negligence, and force people to take medicine on ONE doctors advice only, is supposed to run out next year. 

  • Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.
  • Authorities can FORCEABLY take biological samples from your body.
  • There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.
  • Powers last up to 2.5 years...why so long?
  • Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures.
  • State surveillance safeguards weakened.
  • Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act lowered.
  • Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.
  • Changes to the court system. Registration of deaths.
  • No inquests into suspicious deaths! No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations!
  • It also indemnifies the health service should they fail for what ever reason to provide care.
  • The most frightening part is only one medical 'officer' is required to sign off on a "COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER" which means... in the real world you can be forced to accept medication or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit which is the biggest and worst threat to your own freedoms. Schedule 8 Pt1.
  • Local Authorities will now be exempted from compliance with their duties under The Care Act 2014. Schedule 11.
  • So if someone dies in police custody or any type of custody they can simply dispose of the body without any paperwork medical exam or certification or inquest.
Sounds like a Police State already doesn't it, and I wonder how many people will be noticing to see if this law is removed like the Tories said it would 2 years after it went onto the law books. However as the new Police Bill prevents people protesting if they are too noisy then maybe we won't even have a chance to protest against the extension of the UK police state.

How many of you read about all the protests going on over Europe at the moment against their restriction of movement? 

It is quite clear a lot of people do not like lockdowns and the threat of fines or jail for breaking them. However how many people have read about these massive protests in London or seen anything about them on the news in the UK. I haven't and no-one I ask has as well. There are a few articles if you search Google but they all come at the protests from a "Speaking to a conspiracy theorist at a protest" angle. So the mainstream media are obviously taking these protests seriously.

Soon however these protests will be crushed by the Police due to the new Police Bill that will prevent protests that are too noisy. 

I think this protest at Trafalgar Square might come under the noisy part. 

If you read this link from the governments site it will tell you all about the new measures, including stop and search, stopping protests, and broadening the range of circumstances in which police may impose conditions on a protest going ahead and more > https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-factsheets/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-protest-powers-factsheet.

Restrictions on protests in the controversial new policing bill breach human rights laws and will increase the risk of peaceful demonstrators in England and Wales being criminalised, MPs and peers have warned.

They say the police, crime, sentencing and courts (PCSC) bill, which has provoked widespread protests, contains provisions that are unnecessary and disproportionate and confer unacceptably wide and vague powers to curb demonstrations on the home secretary and police.

They are keeping the uprising against the new UK Police State as quiet as possible. The original video was taken down at YouTube so I found a video on BitChute about the London Protests against Lockdowns, and anti-tyranny Police State measures being brought forward in the UK that would ban such protests like these for being too noisy  > https://www.bitchute.com/video/GRskh0SZ3ABv/

However you can watch this video from The Duran about the Tories new Official Secrets Act. It is supposed to be to prosecute spies, but it is being modelled on the US version, but worse, and it is aimed at not just papers but anyone, including maybe me, for passing on information from whistle-blowers about illegal acts that the UK may have committed.

This can range from things I have already reported on over the years including something mentioned in the video below such as:
So from what is spoken about in this video about the new law, will it just affect papers and if so why are they not writing about the dangers of it?

Or is it aimed more at bloggers and people like Julian Assange so that the UK can lock people up who question or repeat whistle-blowers information about UK secrets, without a public interest defence.

From the Duran, Boris Johnson launches a new Secrets Act to imprison Journalists who dare question the government.
Official Secrets Act: Boris Johnson 'Doesn't Want' Journos Prosecuted for 'Doing Their Public Duty'

It looks like to me, that the UK is turning into a real police state and this is just the thin edge of the wedge, that even Church leaders have come out to speak against in the UK.

I guess if you are not reading #Altnews you will not even know about any of this, but if you are you should be very worried. 

Even posting on Facebook or Twitter might land you in jail depending on the wording of the bill.

Anything that exposes UK Foreign Policy crimes, intelligence agencies doing wrong doings, or war crimes could land you in jail for the rest of your life.

Now does that sound like a free speech democracy?

Just don't expect anyone to come and protest for your innocence, the police will ban that for being too noisy straight away.

Thin edge of the wedge indeed....

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Havana Syndrome - Excuse For CIA to Finally Invade Cuba - Or A Real Weapon?

Is the CIA Making Up Reason To Invade Cuba?

By Dark Politricks

Hopefully if you are regular visitor you visit my Twitter #HashTag newspaper, either from a link on Twitter, or just  by visiting the site. If you have JavaScript on it's just above my #Altnews Search Engine, the search engine that will ONLY bring you news from the sources the establishment does NOT want you read, including this blog of mine somehow!

If you want a direct link to it to open it all up in a new browser window its > https://paper.li/darkpolitricks.

Now today there was an article from Reuters called "CIA probe of 'Havana syndrome' to be led by Bin Laden search veteran -source". Now I know the CIA has wanted to invade Cuba for over half a century when all the rich were kicked out of the country and their casinos and plantation's re-appropriated to the people under Fidel Castro in his Communist revolution.

Please don't think that I am going to do a spiel about how good Communism is, but when it comes to Cuba, they are having a hard time due to US Foreign policy. Not only does the US have multiple trade embargoes on the island, including complicated blockades that prevents certain goods like medical equipment, much needed during the COVID outbreak from getting to them, but anything with more than 10% US parts inside it has to go through US law.

You can read about the nuances of the laws that let the US decide what can and cannot get to Cuba here on this, "Fact Checker" site. However a quote from that site explains that the blockades and other laws are there because of this reason:

It’s really to favour U.S. farmers and agricultural interests. Cuba was a very important market for U.S. farmers,” ... “So even though the sanctions generally prohibit trade, there are some exceptions.

The U.S. embargo does have an impact on what goods Cuba receives from other countries. For example, if any trading good contains 10% of U.S. created content, it must go through U.S. law in order to be exported into Cuba. 

“When you think of complicated things like airplanes or oil drilling platforms or scientific or medical equipment, sometimes those things are caught up in that 10%,” .. “And so U.S. law does not allow that to be exported to Cuba even though 90% or 89% was produced in France or Canada, or something like that.”

Maxwell further pointed out that foreign companies that are owned or patrolled by the U.S. might be reluctant to engage in business with Cuba. The Helms-Burton Act allows U.S. nationals to sue entities that do business involving property that was confiscated by the Cuban government. The rule didn’t go into effect until 2019, when the Trump administration gave it the green light."

Please forgive the Capitalist slant on that news outlet I linked to, it is coming from NBC news, a MIC/Deep State owned news company in the most wealthy country on the planet.

So whatever protests in Florida from Cuban exiles, currently being filmed and made out by US news that they are coming from Cuba plus any real Cuban people protesting, should make US citizens think. That despite all the politics, embargoes, and attacks on this tiny country, they still have some of the finest medical treatments for free in the world - The Cubans even sent doctors overseas for free to help 40 countries in need of help during the COVID pandemic

No matter how poor people in Cuba are, at least they get free Health Care from medical staff prepared to go round the world and help others in need at the same time. They do not act like the richest country on earth that would rather go to war killing people, than let their own citizens have free health care during a pandemic

I could never imagine the US doing what the Cuban's did for free, but then that's what Communism install's in people, a sense of working for the good of man and society, not purely for the green paper money payday. 

Of course there are inherent problems with Communism, just read Orwell's Animal Farm. Communism only works in a small community where everyone can voice their decisions, the only thing I can think of that nears true communism apart from small hippy camps are maybe the Kibbutz in Israel where they were small enough not to have to separate into a "ruling class" that made the decisions, and the workers that followed them. 

That is why no REAL communist society has every existed on this earth, the USSR had two many people, and just like China, North Korea and Cuba they have a ruling class and then the workers. It is a two class system, one that the USA is becoming more and more alike, with the rich 1% Oligarchy at the top enriching themselves by any means and then the rest of the population who have to struggle and survive every day, doing whatever they can to get by, as there is no real social safety net.

Now of course you can argue that point for ever, but when you compare Cuba to the USA, and the amount of embargoes they have had to suffer over the years. You have to be amazed at what balls they have, to still be driving around their island in pristine condition cars from the 60's and be such a welcoming friendly people, despite all the propaganda the US puts out about them

So despite the "nuances" the "fact checker" site stating that there is "No total embargo on Cuba", in reality they still are being deprived of important items, goods that would have probably helped stop any unrest before it began

Can you imagine if the people of the Island could not just rely on tourism, and be able to import and export their own goods, with no interference from the USA?

What the country would look like today if it hadn't have lived the whole of this century and half of the last within a siege mentality. Such a state of mind only rallies the people together against their enemy, rather than conspire to other throw their leaders, which the USA always seems to be hoping for.

I wonder if they hadn't have had to stick together as a society in the face of US imperialism over the years, whether naturally they would they have loosened their tight Soviet like, secret police controls, and opened up to the world naturally or even implemented Capitalism like China has. A country that is basically Capitalist with bribery, run by one Communist party. They have spies all over the world working for US politicians, businesses, universities and stealing information for their 1st allegiance - the party, so that China can use it to increase their GDP or advance Defence technologies.

It is the same with Iran, when all the Iranians hear on their TV is how the US/UK is about to attack them, and wants to invade them for their oil, is it no wonder that the people support the government rather than try to other throw it. 

They only have to look at how the US has just invaded Syria to protect their CIA/Saudi funded jihadists from being wiped out by the Russians, as well as steal their oil and food supply to make them starve, to see a real example of US foreign policy. I thought al-Qaeda/ISIS and all their offshoots that have been backed by the AXIS of evil were our enemies in the war on terror, shouldn't we want them eliminated by the Russians?

So instead of trying to overthrow the revolution, the Cuban's are huddling together because they know that just a few miles across the water lies the worlds biggest bully who has it's sights firmly placed on them. I remember learning at college what a brilliant film industry they have over there and how good their medical care is, with the obvious free treatment at hospitals for all citizens - like most modern countries apart from the USA

As long as you are not reading an anti Cuban exile's blog on everything that is bad in this Communist country, then you may learn some truth about the country, even US TV shows and Films, that show visitors to Cuba like, "The House of Lies", and films like "Fast and Furious - The Fate Of The Furious", show the country in a very positive light.

However the US elite, has always hated Cuba, ever since all the rich people had their land taken off them after the revolution, and having a Russian proxy so close to their land. The Bay of Pig's failed invasion, never helped put the US in a good light, nor did all the assassination attempts on Fidel Castro's life which have been freely admitted. 

However the anti Cuban feeling from people who have risked their lives to escape the island on floating shacks to get to America is very strong. The USA only seems to listen to the pro-capitalist information from exiles, rather than interview real Cuban's living in the country, so it is a very one sided propaganda situation that US citizens get to hear.

Would you take the word of an ex American who got refugee status in China when he tells you how horrible life in the Capitalist USA is,. How the 1% earn all the money, and jobs are being taken away from the working class, forced to work gig jobs, as an Amazon or Uber driver, with no employment status or security, and therefore health care or pension plan. Plus no country wide social safety net, corruption at the top of politics, with a constant war economy, attacking any country that refuses to buy it's oil in petrodollars?

Well actually I could believe those parts, but you get what I mean. Someone who has escaped from one country to live in another, is always going to paint their ex home as the worse of the two. They want asylum so of course they are going to love their new home and only repeat the bad things about their old one when asked by the media.

So sure in very simple terms, the Cuban regime is Communist in name, just like the one in China. However China is more of a threat to the USA, it's a Commie country that the American's are all too happy to do business with. All whilst the Chinese regime persecute the Muslim Uighur population in Xinjiang

A population where supposedly 1 million are being locked up in "re-education" or "death camps", depending on your point of view. Survivors have told how women are subjected to "systematic rape, sterilization and forced abortions". However the US seems to have no problem with this behaviour whilst trading with the Chinese, but they do when it comes to tiny Cuba,

Whilst the Cuban regime might be tough on dissidents and opponents of the revolution, they are certainly not doing anything as bad as the rulers of China are. They are probably not even keeping their own prisoners in the same sorry state that America is doing to their prisoners that are still being held in Gitmo, a part of Cuba they still control. It hypocrisy at it's highest.

So sanctions by the US against North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Cuba and any other county the US feels it has  the power to bully, only ever hurt the average citizen, whilst never affecting those at the top, who can always get what they need or want whatever blockades are being placed on their country. 

In my lifetime, I cannot remember one time where blockades and sanctions have ever worked in the way the USA always hopes they will. When Madeleine Albright said in the 90's just before the Gulf War, that killing half a million Iraqi children through their tough sanctions on the country was worth it, I like many others was shocked.

Was she just being the usual sick war mongering, neo-con or did those in power really believe that killing so many children through sanctions would do anything in the slightest to make the Iraqi people rise up and overthrow Saddam Hussein themselves, because it didn't. In fact after the war, when the Southern Shia's did try and attempt to other throw Hussein, the US/UK allies all abandoned them and let them be slaughtered

Is it any wonder people in the Middle East do not trust our word?

Quote from the Gateway Pundit about the US sanctions on Iraq before the Gulf War:
Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it."

You can watch the video here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omnskeu-puE - sick or, what?

So when I hear that the CIA is now talking about US agents being affected by directed energy weapon beams, I have to wonder if this is just a ploy to get American's stoked up for another, Bay of Pigs type invasion.

It's either that or the Cuban's have had enough of being bullied by the the most powerful country on Earth, who trains assassins that kill President's of little poor countries like Haiti, and therefore think that they can do no wrong, even when setting up coups in South America, Europe and Asia

I will let you decide what to make of the story, whether it just something planted by Operation Mockingbird agents, that now run the media without shame, or whether it could be true.

From Reuters...

CIA probe of 'Havana syndrome' to be led by Bin Laden search veteran -source


WASHINGTON, July 21 (Reuters) - A CIA official who was involved in the search for Osama bin Laden has been chosen to head an agency task force investigating cases of an ailment known as "Havana Syndrome" among U.S. spies and diplomats, a government source said on Wednesday.

CIA director William Burns named a career undercover spy, who was part of the search for the al Qaeda leader that ended with him being killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan in 2011, the source said. The Wall Street Journal first reported the appointment.

Dozens of U.S. diplomats and other officials, including CIA officers, have been afflicted by "Havana Syndrome," so named because it first was reported by officials assigned to the U.S. embassy in Cuba.

The Journal said that a panel organized by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reported last December that some type of "directed energy" beams were strongly suspected as causing the ailment, which includes dizziness, headaches and nausea.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in June that a government-wide review was underway into who or what caused suspected radio frequency attacks "directed" at diplomats.

Austria has been working with U.S. authorities to investigate a spate of suspected cases among U.S. diplomats in Vienna, the Austrian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

Since U.S. President Joe Biden took office in January, roughly two dozen intelligence officers, diplomats and other officials in Vienna have reported symptoms similar to those of Havana syndrome, making it the second-biggest hotspot after Havana, the New Yorker magazine reported on Friday.

The National Security Agency (NSA) said in a 2014 memo to one intelligence officer who said he had suffered possible symptoms that an unnamed "hostile country" to which the official travelled in the late 1990s had a "high powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate or kill an enemy over time and without leaving evidence."

The memo, which was read by Reuters, said intelligence indicated that such a weapon was "designed to bathe a target's living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system."

Reporting By Mark Hosenball; Editing by Heather Timmons and Grant McCool

Now just think, if Cuba has the power, money and equipment to create and install, then actually use a directed energy weapon beam at American "Diplomats" (the usual cover name for spies in any country), then can you imagine what sort of directed energy beam weaponry the US has at it's own disposal? 

I don't know, but if the CIA are blaming Cuba of having a directed energy beam weapon at their disposal I would love to know what kind of energy beam weapons the USA uses. I do recall that there was supposedly a similar weapon used in the 91 Gulf War against the Iraqi's, at the time the 4th largest army on earth.

Apparently the American's had some sort of weapon that would implant thoughts into the enemy soldiers heads to the effect that they would think they were hearing the words of Allah or Mohammed telling them to surrender

How true this long held rumour is, I don't know, but I do remember that during that time, thousands upon thousands of Iraqi soldiers just got up out of their trenches and surrendered without a single shot being fired. What caused this to happen I don't know but if you go down the rabbit hole you can find articles deep in Googles engine, mostly de-ranked like many of my sites page's have been that talk about such as "Word of God" weapon.

We know that sound weapons exist, even shop keepers have little versions of them to keep youngsters from hanging outside their shops by buzzing a frequency that only young people can hear. So that adults can continue to enter the shop in peace and not hear anything whilst the kids are driven away by the horrible sound. 

Try it, download a dog whistle app onto your phone then play with the frequency in a room of people and see who can hear it and who can't. 

Obviously this is very basic, but we mere mortals are only given the scraps of devices built with our taxes, whilst the military get to play with some very highly advanced weaponry indeed. 

I just hope this excuse of an energy beam being directed at American's in Cuba, is not picked up by the MSM and be used to push for an invasion, just like the non existent WMD's in Iraq and the Fake Douma chemical attack in Syria, They were all ploys to bring Axis of War troops into combat and to get the public's sympathy for an invasion, and I can see this being used as one too.

As they say "The first casualty of war is truth",....

What do you think, would the small country of Cuba be stupid enough to bring about an invasion from the USA by attacking US personnel, or is it a fabricated or miss-understood story that is getting air time?

By Dark Politricks

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