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Thursday, 28 October 2021

An interview with Gary McKinnon about UFO's, Free Energy and UK Law

An interview with Gary McKinnon about UFO's, Free Energy and UK Law

By Dark Politricks

An old but interesting interview with Gary McKinnon the famous UK hacker who claims to have found evidence of aliens inside NASA computer systems. I bring this up because Julian Assange is fighting not to be sent to the US for a charge of "HACKING", when in fact he did no such thing and the US's informant recanted all his evidence in an interview with an Icelandic newspaper. 

Gary McKinnon was also charged with hacking in the early 2000's and the US had waited until the new one sided extradition treaty with the UK had become law before charging him. However after public outcry and the knowledge that he had "Asperger's Syndrome", noticed by someone watching an interview with Gary on TV, led to a massive public backlash and even the Tory Home Secretary at the time decided to overrule any court decision saying, he would NOT survive in a US prison, a bit like how the judge in the Assange case said that he wouldn't survive in a US prison. If they cannot even keep high profile suspects like Jeffery Epstein alive under mysterious circumstances then what hope do people like Assange and McKinnon stand?

I hope the lawyers behind Assange bring this up in the US appeal, as at the time the US were labelling Gary as the most "dangerous hacker in the world". When in fact as you will see he did rather little hacking, and was just using the blank admin passwords on unsecure Navy computers to access them. So if we are not going to extradite the worlds most "dangerous" hacker, why should we be contemplating extraditing a non hacker, a journalist, which can be proven by the recanted evidence of the now locked up Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson.

The reason the US may have wanted Gary McKinnon so badly, despite him saving them millions in security audits by showing which servers needed real security if a port probing, blank admin accessing, total non hacker, as Gary freely admits he was, could get into their systems. Was that he found out about the secret space program, and lists off world fleet personnel, none that worked on Naval Ships in the US Navy. I think it had more to do with the fact he was telling the world he had found evidence of the US photo shopping out images of alien craft on the moon before making them public to libraries and universities than any "hacking" he may have done.

This is an older interview and not the original one I had due to it being taken down from YouTube - I wonder why? However it is good enough and comes from BitChute.com.

Within the interview he discusses:
  • Why the American government want him so much and how the UK government capitulated without a fight.
  • How he was a clueless hacker who didn't cover his tracks whilst investigating US computer systems.
  • How he gained access to high grade military and NASA computer system by basic port scanning unsecured US Navy computers, and logging in easily due to the administrator accounts having blank passwords. This isn't really hacking it's as it's pretty easy to run a port scan, I've even made by own port scanners apps in C# such as the one below, and PHP for the web, that let me access a computer and tell me which ports are open. You can even get apps for your phone that do this now, or use one of the many free online port scanners that let you know which ones are open. Therefore it's pretty easy to find out how you can try accessing any computer in question by a certain port. No hacking is actually required, especially if the US were so silly as to have blank admin passwords which gave anyone access to the servers at administrator level. For example here is my own Port Scanner Windows App that I wrote one bored day, which shows me ports that are open on a server, a reverse DNS lookup to find the HOST, the country it is in by a simple geo-IP lookup, a ping test as if you were doing one in a command prompt and an HTTP "Ping" test to see if I can access the IP address or related server on the Internet and the type of Web Server they are using.           
As you can see the information about the server behind the IP address gives me quite a lot of information about the server type, the location of the machine and list of open or closed ports I could then use to try and enter that machine with other tools. Therefore the hack Gary did was very simple and many real hackers would not even consider this REAL Hacking at all.

  • How the US government claims that he caused $5,000 of damage to every computer port he accessed which coincidentally is the minimum amount required by US law to be charged with the crimes he has been charged with. In fact he has saved the US military millions in security analysis by showing them which servers are vulnerable to attack, and if he managed to port scan and access admin accounts you can be sure Russia, China and Israel already have done so.
  • Why he believes that the US government has access to alien technology such as free energy which should be distributed to the people of the world.
  • How NASA has a special agency that's purpose is to remove evidence of UFO's from photos that are then distributed to the public e.g universities and science labs with only the new airbrushed version.
  • How he read the testimony of one of these photographers and proved she was telling the truth by accessing the system in question and seeing first hand one of these images in a before and after shot where before it contained some sort of alien looking craft and afterwards it didn't.
  • How he found a list of names of off world Ship personnel that were not Naval and therefore could be linked to the Secret Space Program. Watch some Richard Dolan videos to find out more about that juicy story.
  • What he feels his chances are of spending 70 years in an American prison and how he is challenging the unfair extradition law between the UK and US which means a UK citizen can be sent off to the USA without evidence of a crime having been committed.
I did have an original interview with Gary in a pub garden where he spoke frankly about all the above issues but YouTube in their infinite wisdom has removed it so I have found the next best thing, an interview by Richard D Hall with Gary McKinnon from 2015 on Bitchute.com.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 By Dark Politricks

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Why Don't We Trust the News?

Are we just stupid for not trusting the mainstream media?

By Dark Politricks

Last night I wrote a wrapper article about "The New High Priests" for the video by Richard Dolan on the subject. It's about the old Religious Priests being replaced by Big Tech Companies. Just like the Catholic Priests of the Dark Ages, these new High Priests control what we think, believe and can and cannot say or rather Post, Tweet, or say in a Video. In these days the old Priests of the Middle Ages have definitely been replaced by the Big Tech and Social Media businesses ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Instead of the Spanish inquisition we are just Cancelled or banned from Social Media if we dare to go against establishment views. I have suffered by losing my Facebook page and main Twitter account for this site due to these new High Priests, luckily I had a backup Twitter Account which you can access here: @darkpoltweeter

These pro establishment views are all too clear to see when you are watching state propaganda on news channels such as the BBC or the CIA controlled network news channels in the US such as MSNBC and CNN. Companies that are all sponsored by Arms manufacturers and Big Pharma companies like Phizer, a company that had the biggest fine in US history of $2.3bn for illegally marketing drugs.

Is it any wonder people don't trust the MSM or Big Pharma to take that mandated shot, when they blatantly commit crimes like this and the news channels lie to their viewers faces as if they were dumb sheep. However people are starting to wake up to this racket which is why there is such a major crackdown on free speech on the Internet right now.

The recent claims from CNN's Don Lemon, that Joe Rogan was taking horse de-wormer rather than being prescribed the human version of the drug by a doctor NOT a Vet, is a fine case in point. They even took his Instagram video where he talks about getting COVID and put a filter on it to grey his face out so he looks like he is almost on his death bed when in truth the original video showed him looking healthy as ever. 

CNN's doctor, Sanjay Gupta, even went onto Joe's podcast and admitted that CNN shouldn't have made that claim. For this crime of admitting that his news station had gone too far by lying, he was punished by having to go back on Don Lemon's show and answer questions that doubled down the lie. Don even cut Sanjay off mid sentence when he started to try and explain what Joe was trying to get at, and forced him to admit that the drug was mostly used for livestock.

For Joes disgraceful act that went against the establishment view that all US citizens should take multiple shots of long term untested, vaccines with multiple side effects and had cured himself by taking different drugs prescribed by his doctor. He has been hauled over the hot coals of establishment news media for daring to be alive and seemingly getting over the infection in a few days without any hospital stay. 

The MSM, newspapers, online sites and establishment media and many social media indoctrinated followers of the establishment narrative whatever it is, were almost wishing he would die rather than survive from some of the Tweets and Posts about Joe getting infected - here is an example of one Tweet.

Joe believes he has built up a stronger natural immunity from having the virus and surviving it and there is no need for him to take the vaccine now, and CNN's doctor Sanjay Gupta, seemed to agree on his podcast. To back up his case, Joe referred to a study from Israel that is now rolling out their 3rd mandated shot to the public for them to gain a vaccine passport.

The Israeli study states that

"A new Israeli study on coronavirus immunity suggests that people who were previously infected with the virus benefit from significantly stronger and longer-lasting immunity than the immunity provided by vaccination alone."

You can watch Joe respond to this doubling down by CNN below.

Last year during the lockdown, even just mentioning on your podcast or Tweets the name of the drug in question, Ivermectin, could get you thrown off the site. Many of my own favourite YouTuber's accounts were cancelled and I even lost my main Twitter account for a "Vaccine Conspiracy" Tweet where I simply stated that maybe there was a conspiracy considering the billionaires who invested in DNA/RNA vaccines before the outbreak, the War Game exercise of such a pandemic, and how did Dr Fauci know that their would be a pandemic during President Trump's stay in office? 

That's not really saying anything about the Gain of Function experiments Fauci backed, and moved to Wuhan after being stopped in Virginia, or that the virus would never occur naturally so was probably designed to be a biological weapon. Or that the Chinese patented their own vaccine at the same time as making the virus, or the many billionaires who have got even richer from the suffering of the billions locked up in their homes like criminals. 

On top of that we have governments all over the world from Australia to the UK and USA and Europe who have used the COVID pandemic to create Chinese style police states, with social credit systems coming soon. Also how many billionaires admire the Chinese style of a blend of Communism and Capitalism with an untold amount of free slave labour to work in their factories from the Uighur Muslim population where a million are locked up in re-education camps at the current time,

So when the news channels are lying so blatantly to our faces how can we trust what they say?

A case in point is below, when billionaires like Bill Gates fund the news channels with his money he gets  softball questions when interviewed about his connections with the now dead sex trafficker, paedophile and Mossad agent Jeffery Epstein. Note how there is no comeback from the interviewer to his statements that really say nothing. He met Epstein after his sweet heart deal and apparently due to his inability to score with women. Epstein must have been a gold mine for such a wealthy man who we now know from his divorce was playing around behind his wife's back, and with a sex criminal and all.

The part where the interviewer asks him if there are lessons to be learned from his connection to Epstein and he says "Well he's dead", is a bit freaky to me. 

It can either be read as a threat that anyone who tries to expose the mega rich indulging in the fruits of a sex trafficker will end up garrotted in a cell as the wardens look the other way, searching for high priced goods way out of their pay packet online, almost as if they had been paid off to look the other way. The CCTV was disturbingly off at the time, and his cell mate was also out of the area. 

The guards didn't even get any jail time, they got 100 hours of community service instead. It's almost as if it was a planned hit inside a jail, but then that would be crazy conspiracy talk. Oh wait, the whole Epstein affair is a conspiracy of the elite to abuse sex trafficked women and let off a wealthy connected man convicted of a heinous crime. 

Someone who would normally face hard jail time but was instead given a soft punishment due to his connected lawyers and probably a paid off judge. This was someone who was a friend of Princes and Presidents and had tapes labelled with their names on at his New York spy camera trap house. 

Tapes that were collected by the FBI when they raided the place but that we have heard nothing of since, I wonder why? Is the FBI involved in a conspiracy to keep quiet any news about these important people such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump because they know when to shut their mouths or lose their jobs? 

I don't expect to see any of these videos released any time soon so I leave that up to you as I don't expect any names to be released during  Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial despite this hopeful looking decision by the judge. If they are it will certainly cause a massive shock wave in the elite community who shielded Epstein for so long and if she does release names I can only see a fate similar to Jeffery's once she is locked up in prison.

On another note about how hopeless the MSM is, I hope everyone saw the CNN interview with Jon Stewart the comedian the other day. They wanted him to just rip on Donald Trump the news item that keeps on giving them ratings, but he came back with a reply that confounded the interviewer who looked confused that he hadn't taken the chance to portray Donald Trump as an evil Magneto like character that corrupted US Politics, when it is clear that is has been corrupt for a very long time. Russell Brand has a good video up at the moment about this encounter on the interview which you can see below.

No wonder Soldiers, Police and even Nurses who were on the front line of the pandemic, are quitting their jobs in droves due to State Mandated Laws that try to enforce them to take the jab. 

Seattle alone is losing 200 cops due to them not wanting to take the vaccine that has been mandated by the State and Federal government and hundreds of thousands of soldiers have yet to comply either and more stranger is the fact that 30% of Ohio Nurses have said they would quit their jobs if forced to take the jab.

This is a vaccine where you keep needing booster shots to have anti-bodies and even then you can still catch the virus and pass it on and end up hospitalised. Even stranger is that the first autopsy of a dead person who had been vaccinated for COVID was found to contain spike proteins in every bodily organ, almost as if the vaccine helped spread the virus more than usual.

This is all whilst Big Pharma is raking in Billions for every shot they tell governments their populations need and increasing the price as well.

If Joe Rogan can get cured in a few days from COVID without having had the shot, I'd like to know exactly what variant he had and all the meds he took, as that is a quick turn around to get a negative test result. 

However the mainstream news won't tell you that, they will just lie about the need for bending over for the Government to take turns on you, all whilst they rake in money from the billionaires who have invested in these Big Pharma companies and let no-one forget that Scientists can be corrupted.

When they rely on grant money to keep them afloat, and a big company comes along and offers them lots of money for a study that shows one result, such as smoking isn't bad for you, or fluoride in the water from Big Industrial Companies waste rather than natural fluoride is just as healthy for your teeth. Or that Heroin is a non addictive way to get off Opium, just as Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines and now SSRI's and SNRI's are not addictive. Don't be fooled into thinking they won't bend the truth as well as their test results to get that grant money. 

History shows us that they have done it many times before and this is another reason people don't trust them to tell the truth.

"Show me a rich politician and I'll show you a crook" - Harry Truman

Nancy Pelosi has made over $200bn since being House Speaker, her husband the stock broker just seems to keep getting good inside info on which companies are going to be awarded Government contracts like the recent one to Amazon and Microsoft to the Department of Defence. I guess it was just a coincidence he managed to buy huge amounts of shares in those companies before the deal was made public.

People are now even mirroring his stock investments as they know he is probably getting inside information from his wife and that is how they have made such good money whilst she should be on a much smaller salary. As a politician you would ideally expect them to want to do the best for their constituents like old Labour MP's such as Tony Benn

However in America and everywhere else where Democracy means Capitalism and death for the poor, unhealthy and uneducated, politics is just business, and if you don't make connections and money whilst you are there you are in the minority. The revolving door between politicians and lobbyists is so fast it keeps my head spinning as ex Politicians and even Prime Ministers like Tony Blair become super rich after leaving office and then start lobbying for certain companies, not all of them very savoury either.

So if you haven't done so yet, please watch the video from my last post as Richard Dolan does a very good presentation about our upcoming 4th stage of industrialisation. Discussing how big tech which we now know is firmly in the pockets of the NSA and the CIA will become the new high priests of our next era. We now know that Google took seed money from the CIA to get off the ground and have been "doing evil" for them ever since. 

They even dropped their motto of "Do No Evil" from their code of conduct back in 2018 when they started doing work for the Pentagon due to worker protests.. They certainly are doing a lot of evil now, banning people and demoting sites that speak out against them as well as helping the DOD and NSA with their algorithm and automation weaponry.

Instead of letting the free flow of ideas and information flow from Social Media site to Tweet to Video, the new High Priests of today are just the gate keepers that prevent us from writing about or seeing views that go against the Establishments perspective that they expect everybody to follow. Defy them and do it successfully like Joe Rogan did and expect to be lambasted across the Web for doing so from the sad souls who cannot think for themselves..

It's a good video and Richard Dolan always hits the spot when he talks about politics and exopolitics. I hope you enjoy watching it > http://www.darkpolitricks.com/2021/10/the-new-big-tech-priests-that-control.html.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

Sunday, 24 October 2021

The New Big Tech Priests That Control Our Lives

They Want Our Souls.....

By Dark Politricks

The new priests in the 4th industrial revolution are the big tech companies that control the information age. We are no longer allowed to make our own minds up about a subject or whether or not to take medical procedures, the big tech companies will stomp out any view that doesn't reflect the establishment views.

With Facebook supporting the Democrats by almost $500 million, and Google being funded and helping the CIA, we are now living in a world where the establishments views must conform to the political agenda of the elite.

With outspoken views being wiped off the web, and the de-ranking or cancelling of our free speech on the tech companies that have become the public speaking squares. The new high priests are back.

This video by the excellent political and UFO researcher Richard Dolan is all about the new priest hood.

Our current global revolution seeks to undo the last 500 years of individual autonomy and freedom of conscience. Those were prizes we have had since the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment.

Now our digital world is dominated by the new priests i.e: Big Tech corporations who are here to permit or deny information to you (and from you) as they see fit. The plan is not simply to take away your autonomy but to deny you even the right to it. And this is not separated from the reality of the UFO/UAP phenomenon. No, it has powerful connections to it. 

For the home of exclusive content from author, historian, and radio host Richard Dolan. Join his member site here:  http://richarddolanmembers.com/

By Dark Politricks

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Monday, 27 September 2021

The UK Is Becoming More Despotic Every Day

CIA Wanted To Assassinate Julian Assange Whilst In the Ecuadorian Embassy

By Dark Politricks

Hopefully by now you have read about the CIA's plans to assassinate Julian Assange in a shoot out at the Ecuadorian Embassy when he was holed up there in his 5th year.

An investigation revealed the CIA planned to abduct, kidnap, or assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and senior officials inside the CIA asked for "sketches" or "options" to be drawn up as to how these acts could be carried out on Assange.

A Yahoo News investigation has discovered that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had plans to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange while he was held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in early 2017. It was his fifth straight year there as Wikileaks continued to reveal crimes against humanity by several governments and, or often in collusion with, big powerful multinational corporations.

Some National Security Council officials worried that the CIA’s proposals to kidnap Assange would not only be illegal but also might jeopardize the prosecution of the WikiLeaks founder. Concerned the CIA’s plans would derail a potential criminal case, the Justice Department expedited the drafting of charges against Assange to ensure that they were in place if he were brought to the United States.

In late 2017, in the midst of the debate over kidnapping and other extreme measures, the agency’s plans were upended when U.S. officials picked up what they viewed as alarming reports that Russian intelligence operatives were preparing to sneak Assange out of the United Kingdom and spirit him away to Moscow.

The intelligence reporting about a possible breakout was viewed as credible at the highest levels of the U.S. government. At the time, Ecuadorian officials had begun efforts to grant Assange diplomatic status as part of a scheme to give him cover to leave the embassy and fly to Moscow to serve in the country’s Russian mission.

In response, the CIA and the White House began preparing for a number of scenarios to foil Assange’s Russian departure plans, according to three former officials. 

Those included potential gun battles with Kremlin operatives on the streets of London, crashing a car into a Russian diplomatic vehicle transporting Assange and then grabbing him, and shooting out the tires of a Russian plane carrying Assange before it could take off for Moscow. 

You can watch this news expose on the Yahoo investigation here, or on YouTube at The Hill.

The most important part I want you to note is that, U.S. officials asked their British counterparts to do the shooting if gunfire was required, and the British agreed, according to a former senior administration official. 

This means the British Tory Government was prepared to break international law, and almost cause a potential war with Russia by acting for the Americans in shooting at Russian Diplomatic vehicles and planes

Who can wonder what would have happened if this had occurred but it worries me greatly that the UK is now so despotic that it would even consider helping the USA in such a plan.

We no longer have most of our civil liberties due to the COVID law that was meant to stay on the books for just 2 years. Boris has already extended them until September and hasn't ruled out extending them again.  Lest I remind you I warned you of this 2 years ago when they were implemented and recently again, they are the greatest loss of civil rights and liberty since WWII.

The new Police Bill the Tories are passing will ban protests that the police deem "too loud". Protests are naturally loud. Without them many people would not even know was going on in this country, despite the MSM labelling protesters as anti-vaxers when they are in fact against 2 tier society based on vaccine passports and mandated vaccination which have now proved to be almost useless due to the anti-bodies not lasting long enough, or protecting against variants of the virus. 

You only need to look at Israel one of the highest vaccinated countries on earth who just recorded their highest no of COVID infections since the peak of their 3rd wave to see how the vaccines are not working. They are now mandating 3 shots and then probably 4 and then monthly all due to the anti-bodies not lasting long enough compared to natural immunity. 

We should be working on vaccines properly such as those that cured Polio, and we have as children for Mumps that keep the anti-bodies longer throughout our lifetime however this takes time and Big Pharma cannot wait to make more money. 

What's more important to them, make billions more now by getting countries to buy more products and mandate more shots or spend money and time working on a proper vaccine cure with long term trials and testing for this virus.

The Tories plan to make it illegal for journalists, bloggers, anyone to report on illegal activity carried out by the British State, I guess this would include the Yahoo news investigation on the plans to have a shoot out with Russian agents on the streets of London all to help an ally assassinate a journalist who has never been proved wrong once and is being tortured slowly in a High Max prison at Belmarsh when he should be on bail.

This country is turning into something I really do not like the look of. If you are planning on having children I would seriously look around and take a look at what our country is becoming. Not only do we protect al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria from being exterminated by Russian and Syrian forces but we plot and plan constantly against Russia whilst accusing them of doing the same sort of activities that we are doing ourselves. 

We are looking more and more like China every day, and soon as possible we will be implementing Chinese style Social Credit systems on the populace to keep us in check.

Soon there will be no skilled manual jobs as AI and Robotics take over from human labour. Automatic driving vehicles and drones to deliver packages and fast food. There will be less need for people to work skilled jobs and the jobs that you used to need a degree for will all be home based solitary activities where you communicate with workers by ZOOM and have little social interaction. 

This is part of the Governments aim to reduce CO2 emissions by preventing people from driving to and from work. 

Do you really want to spend your life working in solitude with no social interaction?

It's what made me leave my last job as it was just so unfulfilling but bosses will save money from renting office space and care little about employees mental health when they can make more money for themselves.

Soon towns will become desolate areas with one big Amazon depot in the middle, auto driving lorries delivering and transporting goods, drones flying in and out and the only jobs will be gig work for people who get sacked by text message when they can't deliver food for people in time due to petrol shortages at garages caused by the lack of foresight from our government.

I just think our country is going down hill and this latest story about willing to almost start WWIII over killing a journalist is just too much for me to stand.

Please leave your comments about the state of the UK below. I would be interested to know what you think about it.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

Thursday, 23 September 2021

The Elites Global Revolution....

There is a Global Revolution going on, but it's not being carried out by the populace...

By Dark Politricks

I have just had my summer holiday, an almost month stay in the local hospital for a flesh eating bug, they had to cut half my thigh out to get rid of. I would post the pic but I am sure Google would block it or ban me as Facebook blocked the photo under its TOS due to "Graphic Violence". So I will leave it to your imaginations.

Whilst I was in hospital we passed the 2 decade anniversary of 9.11. I don't see many people online anymore talking about it, maybe they all got owned, bored at being ignored, or taken out in some way. 

Maybe Googles algorithms just put any alternative theories at the bottom of their search results lists when you do a search for it now - not that anyone should be using Google for searching anymore. Use my search bar at the top of the screen (uses JavaScript - so down Brave Shields and don't be scared by cookies, they won't eat you!) or just go to https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=005138288515408039386:xatdxpwn9on#gsc.tab=0 which is the search engine in its own window, you should be able to tell it's mine by my logo to the left of it.

The only time I use it is when I am on my phone and I want a quick answer to something, open Google, "What is the Man City Leicester score" etc, and you get a nice electronic female voice reading back the answer.

If you want some alternatives apart from using the dark web, and the TOR Browser, or BRAVES incognito window set to TOR, then use Duckduckgo.com or Startpage.com, and remember to use a VPN if possible at all times. A lot of anti-virus tools and browsers are actually implementing their own VPN network into their browsers, at a cost of course. However it maybe cheaper than hanging around for a free ProtonVPN connection.

Even if you are on TOR, I had to use OrBot on my phone just to get around the hospitals WiFi policy on gambling sites whilst locked up and bored on the ward. There are free ones like Opera's built in VPN but it acts more like a Proxy service where there are multiple servers in 3 locations around the world (US, Europe and Asia), that you are just passed through. What information Opera collect on you as you hit them I have no idea. There is more information on this article I wrote.

Anyway back to 9.11, it's 20 years and people seem to have forgotten what a sorry state of a world we now live in. Talk about boiling a frog in cold water and turning the heat up slightly bit by bit.

No longer can we in the west proudly shout out "we live in a free society", as it is blatantly obvious we don't and 9.11 was one major part in making it that way, the COVID pandemic, and the Governments overreach of powers, locking people up, closing down jobs and telling us we cannot go here or there without being fined, this has been another nail in the coffin.of our freedoms and liberties.

Whether you live in the US or the UK the place is the same, since 9.11 and the implementation of security laws and a national security state that allowed for the spying on citizens, unwarranted search and seizure, lack of due process and the constant attack on journalists and whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, who have brought such news to our attention that the Government had been lying to us, spying on us, committing war crimes, committing election fraud and many other facts that they should be lauded as heroes for, rather than being expelled or locked up.. No wonder people are just scared even talking about the police state we now live in.

In this article I wrote last year about the UK's COVID laws I warned people that they would forget about them. That they were supposed to ONLY stay on our law books for 2 years

In a few months those 2 years will have passed and Boris Johnson has already asked for an extension of the act that gives him too much power over us. I said then that:

"If no-one else is going to remind you of these laws and the unintended consequences of letting the Police run wild without the support for those MILLIONS affected by their acts being implemented. Then I will until the day I am booted."

And I will, as it seems many of you in this country have forgotten already. 

Do you want to become like the USA, with their post 9.11 laws such as the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA that are supposed to be voted on to keep them on the books and yet still are for some reason. 

This is despite the fact the only terrorists the USA has to fear are the fake domestic ones the FBI are creating all the time to pretend their country in on the precipice of ethnic violence and white extremism.

It reminds me of Mossad, and all the fake al-Qaeda cells they used to create and then destroy to prove to their people they were constantly under attack and needed more US military equipment and money in their war against al-Qaeda. This is a group we both blame for 9.11 yet aided in the Serbian war with the KLA. We basically created and funded them in the 80's to fight the Russian's and have been using them again in Syria to fight President Assad. I get confused to whether they are supposed to be an enemy or an ally in the official narrative which should never be believed,

Do you remember George W Bush, just days after 9.11, saying in NYC, "They attacked us because they hate us for our freedoms", as if that was the main reason for the attack? Well I do.

Well if that really was the reason George, then the terrorists won the war within a few months of the attack

In fact they won it for as long as it took for you to implement the PATRIOT ACT, NDAA and the AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) of 2001, which gave the President, Authorization for Use of Military Force the authority to use all "necessary and appropriate force" against those whom he determined "planned, authorized, committed or aided" the September 11 attacks, or who harboured said persons or groups. Basically being able to kill by drone innocent people abroad, just as Biden did recently with the US Aid worker they called an ISIS K agent.

These laws also came with all the horrible bits such as the torture and extraordinary rendition programme to black site prisons, drone strikes that killed more civilians than enemy combatants, the running out of bombs during Obama's time as "the change" President, when attacking Syria, and the National Security Letters which if given to you prevented you from even telling your family that you had one. Only a few lawyers exist in the US who could professionally defend you, if you were handed one. Edward Snowden's encrypted email host.was given one, and rather than put in a backdoor so the NSA could see his unencrypted emails he closed his company down and went public.

It's good to know there are still a few good men out there willing to sacrifice their own freedoms and income to the right thing,

So basically after the 9.11 attacks, the US people all said, "protect us, we are scared, take our liberties", and the Government went "Yes thank you and you will not be getting them back", and it seems that way 20 years on with all those laws still in place. Of course there were then major attacks in the UK, Spain and across Europe that gave their governments the same excuse to implement similar anti-liberty laws.

So if the US has now supposedly killed bin-Laden, and we have run from Afghanistan and made friends again with the Talibanafter just arming them with billions of dollars worth of equipment they left at Bagram airbase. Plus the US and Israel are actually protecting ISIS in Syria from Russia and Syria finishing them off. 

Then if that is the case then who and what are these laws required for as the war on terror seems to be over?

The FBI cannot keep creating fake domestic terror cells up just to justify their existence and try and prove their is a real threat at home, and the American army has been shown for what is really is, a money for contracts grift. Where the only reason the US was in Afghanistan for the longest war they have ever fought was so that companies like Raytheon could make money from selling weapons to the US DOD. 

Oh what a world of wonder a true capitalist society like the USA is, where everything including people's lives are up for grabs if it makes someone money. 

Big pharma trying to push up the price of life saving drugs such as EpiPens and now for COVID vaccines with already calls to push countries to force their populations to get a 3rd shot, despite all the evidence that in even highly vaccinated populations, like in Israel which has a high population fully vaccinated, the virus is still spreading and killing people.

However the vaccinations have not seemed to do anything to stop the spread of the virus. People in Australia who have implemented the most draconian lockdown laws with people not allowed to walk outside and talk to other, police shooting dogs, massive lockdown protest riots against them and the Government even issuing an app for people who stray too far from their homes to take a photo of themselves that is geo-ip linked and sent to the Government to see if they have broken their COVID curfews or strayed too far from their home.

To top it all it seems that the more vaccinated a population gets the higher the death toll. I don't know about these figures in these graphs, but if true they don't really give those people holding out on getting a vaccine much of a push to do so > https://stateofthenation.co/?p=65459

Anyway I have rattled on long enough now, I wanted my first post back in my office chair to be short and sweet but then, nothing ever is. 

I had just watched a video on YouTube from one of my favourite National Security State investigators Richard Dolan, which inspired me to get up and write this article as it goes with his video.

Watch it if you want, it is perfectly tied to my own article from 9.11 to COVID.

Please leave a comment in the boxes below about anything you feel about the over-reach of western Governments during this pandemic, the lack of any real safety by having the vaccine, and the protests around the world by people fed up by their countries liberty killing lockdown laws.

Anonymous users should be able to now, as well as anyone without a Google Account. They always used to be able to but I think Goole switched it back to "only people with Google Accounts" when I wasn't looking. More tracking of you by the private industries that work hand in hand with the Governments that are controlled by the top people who run this show I guess.

By Dark Politricks

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Sunday, 15 August 2021

Can we just leave Afghanistan alone for a hundred years at least now?

The Taliban Retake Afghanistan in 4 days after the US military pack up and leave.

By Dark Politricks

I guess the Taliban are now the worlds best equipped army with American weapons apart from the US, considering the American army just left Bagram Airbase full of stock, leaving everything behind as they left, forgetting to tell the Afghan army they had trained, that they were leaving.

Then within days, the Taliban moved on the base and took over billions of dollars worth of weapons, guns, rocket launchers, helicopters and Humvee's as the Afghan army forgot they were supposed to be fighting them and instead handed everything over and decided to join them on their march to Kabul.

I think the US really needs to plan their exit strategy better next time so they don't end up making a rag tag army of locals into a well equipped modern army that could take most countries on.

Do any of the Taliban know how to fly a helicopter though?

I suppose it doesn't matter, the Afghan Army, who the US paid billions of tax payers $$ to train, will show them how to.

Biden said recently that Kabul would not fall because the Afghan army was 300,000 strong, and the best trained and equipped as any in the world.

Shame nearly all of them just laid down their weapons to the oncoming Taliban and joined them.


Can you imagine if the Taliban decided they were really pissed at getting invaded all the time Russia->War Lords->US/UK/NATO and going all the way back to Alexander the Great and they went on the offensive with all their free US military hardware?

From their point of view, an invader is another invader, they have had lots over the years. Everyone just wants to bomb their weddings and blow up their homes and piss on their Korans and cause outrage around the world.

It is sad that the women will be forced back into cloth bags and 12yr old girls will be married off though.

Lets just hope they don't start blowing up more Buddhist statues and shooting people in football stadiums as they used to just before the US invaded them after 9.11, chasing shadows, and a man who was probably already dead if truly on kidney dialysis as was claimed.

In 2002 Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said bin Laden had kidney disease and had two dialysis systems shipped to Afghanistan when he lived there.

I really don't understand if he was on dialysis how he managed to traverse the mountains of Afghanistan holding a drip behind him. Who knows, maybe like Saddam Hussein he could have had many doppelgangers. The photos the US showed just before every election with new speeches from bin-Laden as his hair got darker and his nose got fatter sure do seem to tell that story.

Of course all the propaganda pushed by the CIA, of bin-Laden liking porn videos and having a micro penis, were all designed to inflame the Muslim population and make him a laughing stock back home.

If only those SEAL Team 6 soldiers had turned their cameras on their helmets on when they killed bin-Laden in Pakistan. A man whose neighbour claimed on TV the very next day but never to be heard of again was NOT bin-Laden, if only they could have taken a photo of him BEFORE they shot him.

That was the US excuse for not showing a photo, it was too bloody, but as all the SEAL TEAM 6 had camera's on their helmets they should have been able to take a photo before they killed him for the world to see.

I guess it was just unlucky that all their cameras failed to work at the same time, and then 22 SEALs from the elite ‘Team Six’ unit that killed Osama bin Laden lost their lives to a "lucky shot" by RPG's fired by the Taliban. I doubt it was any kind of message to "shut you mouth" to the rest of SEAL TEAM 6 of course, that would just be conspiracy madness.....

However compare the capture and parading around of Saddam Hussein, and even the videoing of him being hanged that snuck out, to the no pics, killing of a man who was supposedly the evil mastermind behind 9.11. Osama bin-Laden, who was just tossed in the sea despite Saudi Arabia saying they would take his body.

This master of evil behind the war on terror, who Obama said had to be killed before the war would end however was not the finishing point of the pointless war. Once he was killed, did the war end. No it just moved around the globe from coups in South America and Eastern Europe, to invading Syria and bombing Iranian diplomats at Iraqi airports.

However there were reports in Saudi papers of bin-Ladens funeral in 2001, and that his son visited his grave, also Benazir Bhutto claimed on an interview that "everyone knew" bin-Laden had been dead for years - so what were the US doing in the Stan apart from protecting poppy fields and importing them back on planes just like Vietnam.

I really want to know though if he was in the Stan, how he was able to outrun the NATO forces time and time again carrying his dialysis machine behind him - oh yeah - he had that massive cave fortress, that Dick Cheney showed us in that cartoonish picture. Fitted with hospital rooms, training facilities, bedrooms, gyms, massage parlours, the whole shebang - it was a miracle mountain hide out for any James Bond villain to live in.

I tried to find the comical picture we were shown on TV at the time but it's almost as if it's been wiped off the web. Now who would want to do such a thing?

The nearest I got was this image about how the US troops cleared out bin-Laden's Tora Bora mountain strong hold. Now just imagine this picture without the soldiers and lots of little rooms on 3 levels throughout the mountain, that would be more like the picture we were all shown of his hide out in the mountains.

Did we ever get to see a real life image of this massive hollowed out mountain with secret entrances and hospitals inside? I can't remember seeing anything but dusty old hollowed out tunnels, but then the US politicians such as Cheney and Powell said it existed, just like the WMD in Iraq, so I guess it must be true......

Biden said that this was not like the fall of Saigon, and you would not see helicopters rescuing American diplomats from the roof of their embassies then guess what, lots of video came out showing exactly that.

Invading other people's homeland's on any pretext just isn't right unless that country like NAZI Germany is threatening to go off and take over other countries.

If we actually DID fight for the oppressed and to help the people of the world we would be at war with China now, who are keeping a million ethnic Uighurs and other Turkic-speaking Muslims being held in Xinjiang’s concentration, oh sorry, re-education camps, according to a U.N. report released in August.

But no, war these days is about making money for the lobbyists that fill the halls of Washington, pushing for the invasion of this country or that, just so they can fleece the American tax payer some more by over charging them for weapons and kit.

We may not like the Taliban's 12 century Islamic ideals but we cannot force democracy on a country that does not want it. I think the last 20 years of a failed attempt in Afghanistan proves that point.

All the Taliban asked for was some "proof" that bin-Laden was behind the 9.11 attacks, which he wasn't, even the FBI most wanted list didn't list that crime against his name due to the lack of evidence.

However the US were too gung ho to offer another country some proof that their guest had committed the attacks when apparently after 190+ water boarding's we find out it was all KLM's idea anyway. That is of course if you don't want to really look into 9.11 and see all the Israeli and Saudi involvement in the attacks.

I think the USA should give the constant war against a word, "terror", a miss for a while.

Americans and Brits have lost liberties and freedoms that Bush claimed the Taliban hated us for, and we just handed them over to the government and said "protect us".

Therefore taking George W Bush's speech at face value, the US basically lost their war on terror as soon as the PATRIOT act was signed.

They have lost in Afghanistan, lost in Iraq, and lost in Vietnam. I guess just having the best fighting toys in the world doesn't mean a toss if you're fighting a guerrilla war against a people who one minute sit down and drink tea with you then the next are shooting at you.

All the locals see is another invading army wanting to change their customs and kill them.

From Wikipedia that 100% fact checked and totally honest log of history comes a list of invaders of Afghanistan over the years....

Afghanistan is a mountainous landlocked country at the crossroads of Central and South (Southern) Asia.[1][2] Some of the invaders in the history of Afghanistan include the Maurya Empire, the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great of Macedon, Rashidun Caliphate, the Mongol Empire led by Genghis Khan, the Timurid Empire of Timur, the Mughal Empire, various Persian Empires, the Sikh Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and most recently a coalition force of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops, the majority from the United States, which entered the country in the first-ever invocation of NATO's Article 5 "an attack on one is an attack on all" following the September 11 attacks in the United States.
The country is now entitled the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and has a democratically-elected government. However since American withdrawal, the Taliban has regained 100% of the territory. > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasions_of_Afghanistan
Can we just leave the country alone for a bit, I know it a key area in the Grand Chessboard, and has been used for attacks on India but really, no-one ever manages to keep the country, and they are all eventually defeated.

We can not introduce Western Values by bombing weddings and funerals and firing $500k hellfire missiles into mud huts that had already been struck multiple times by similar weapons.

The only winners in this war were the MIC, who made billions from inflated prices, arming the US military, over-charging them for bombs and guns, boots and kit.

They must be looking at a globe in their Washington offices at the moment just trying to pick out a new enemy in their never ending war OF terror.

By Dark Politricks

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